Honeymoon Capital of Vietnam


First impressions of Dalat are a disappointment! Maybe we're comparing it too closely to Sapa. Maybe we got dumped in the ugly part of town. Lonely planet said we might be forgiven for thinking we'd walked into the French Alps at springtime. Dalat is certainly on a hill, but I see no other comparison. I did see one nice building from the bus ... And we haven't checked out the lake yet, or the golf course next to the lake which is about three times larger than it's neighbour.

Apparantly there are some nice things to see out of town like waterfalls and stuff, but out of town is so far! And the moto drivers are so shifty and annoying.

On the upside our room is nice and it comes with free internet (hence the long and whingy post) and free breakfast. This will either kick arse or totally suck, I will let you know tomorrow when I abuse the internet resources a little more. On a side note, my keyboard has no letters, so please forgive the typos.

Our connecting bus sorted itself out in that I don't know how it works but it always seems to kind of way. Our 6.30pm sleeper bus was nearly an hour late, and when it did arrive it had a brother. This caused much confusion. Finally we board to find that the only beds available are the ones in the back row, which means we sleep hip to hip with 3 strangers. Paul didn't whinge when I flew in and grabbed the window bed, because he is my hero. 4 people had to sleep in the isle, but got isle mattresses and blankets. The back row was very hot and very bouncy and it was hard to sleep without getting the ocasional concussion.

We did get dumped at a hotel in Nha Trang, but it was only three doors down from the tourist office we needed to be at. This was closed as it was 5.30 in the morning, so we sat in the reception area of the hotel and lifted our feet while they mopped the floor. At 7.15 the tourist office opened and we got our tickets confirmed. 15 minutes later our bus rolls up and 1 hour after that we had finished collecting people from all over Nha Trang and we were on our way.

We arrived in Dalat at about 3pm. A long journey.

Stay tuned for the final days before home home home!