Before bussing off to Siem Reap for some temple hopping, and in case it has somehow slipped your attention, I'd just like to mention that some of the photography you see here, and some you don't, is available for purchase over at redbubble - the place with the T-Shirts.

You heard me!

Here is how fabulous some lame-o photograph can look if you put a frame around it:

Our passports arrived back safely, Lao Visas included. I was a bit wierded out by the lack of paperwork involved at the tourist office that organised them for us, and lo and behold they filled out the embassy's forms for us and went so far as to forge our signature - if that's not customer service I don't know what is!

Stay tuned for some mind boggling images from the temples of Angkor, where we are heading bright and early (10am) tomorrow morning.


Phnom Penh