Park bums and Adam Brand

So Paul and I spent all day yesterday in the big park in Saigon. It has really beautiful trees all in a grid, and each one has a number painted on it. We sat in the 128-36 section and read books and Paul drew pictures.

Of course after about half an hour of sitting still, we were approached by various people asking us where we were from and how much did we love Vietnam etc.

One boy (very trendy lookin) stole Paul's trendy hat and sat there smoking cigarettes and drinking iced coffee. After about and hour of his company we gathered that he didn't know a word of English.

Another boy was an English student and needed to borrow our pen. His name is Thau (will check spelling later) and is planning on getting a job as a translator. He spent all afternoon chatting with us about things and stuff. He said he was meeting up with a friend who was from Korea, and asked us if we wouldn't mind meeting him too so he can practice his English pronunciation.

This guy's name was Alex (not his given name) and he has been working in Vietnam for a year for a Korean textiles company. He said his boss isn't letting him return home for another year. They do pay for him to visit his wife and child (1 year old boy) twice a year, and the company houses its Korean employees in a dorm and has a Korean cook.

Now the point of my ramble is that Alex spent a year in Australia a couple of years ago and did a farm stay tour thing and went to a gig and met Adam Brand, and is a big fan of his music. That's right Sally, we met a Korean guy in Vietnam who loves Adam Brand. I asked - what about Sam Hawksley? And he's all - who? So I think it's important we send him a Sam Hawksley CD.

Today we will see about organising a border crossing and if that's goes ok we'll be leaving saigon in a day or two.

Stay tuned for some photos - that is our only other mission for today.