How's the Serendipity?

So we've just spent our first night in Sihanoukville, on Serendipity St, just up from the Road to Serendipity, which leads of course to Serendipity Beach.

Despite the name, Serendipity Beach is far from Serendipitous. Possibly this is in fact because of the name. Wander down the dirt Road to Serendipity and you think you've come to a dead end for all the businesses that have set up shop there. But a bit of searching and you will find a gap between the buildings that lets you onto the sand. Off to the right is some quieter rocky beach, with some more expensive restaurants. Keep walking and you will get to a foresty section that looks great but has a sign that says STOP DANGER ATTACKS. This could have quite a few meanings but we didn't bother to find out. My theory is that beyond that is a private beach and they don't want people sneaking in.

Off to the left is a long stretch of restaraunts filling up the sand with beach chairs and couches and and really really brown, scantily dressed tourists. I blend in with the white sand so no one sees me coming.

We're staying at the Monkey Republic, which is yet another too cool for school backpacker's guest house bar type place. There are two banana tree courtyards here, around which are bright blue bungalows, which each have a neat little verandah. Each bungalow has its own bathroom with cold water and a western toilet that was never intended to flush. Instead there is a great big bucket you can fill with water, and a scoop. This is not at all fun, as it takes about 10 scoops (big ones) to thoroughly flush the toilet. Gross.

Paul would like to splash out and look for a bungalow overlooking the beach. This is from Mister Let's Spend Only $500 per Country. We're going to wander down today and see if the extra $2 is relly worth it.

We should have some awesome photos to post tomorrow so stay tuned.