total blog neglect!

well i have been really bad, neglecting the blog.....shame on me!
i ended up staying in Stockholm for nearly 2 weeks, i didn't really do much there...well i did but didn't venture out of Stockholm really. I spent a lot of time exploring the streets and suburbs. Stockholm is really east to get around, there are metro stops everywhere if you can't bothered to walk and numerous lookouts where you can get a view of the beautiful watery city with all its boats buildings and charm.
The main vibe in Stockholm is it is really trendy, the young people in Stockholm live their fashion and trends and they are great at it! i saw the most beautiful and immaculate people here fashionable bars and pretentious clubs though we managed to find some alright places where the beer stayed below 6 pound and yes that is $14 AUD for a a pint of beer! the cheapest we found was 390 swedish kronor which is around $8 AUD for pint and that was really cheap, but then there was KUNG which you can buy from the government run bottle shops for 120 cronor which is like $2.60 AUD for half a isn't that bad.
here is some info on swedish beer