More Stockholm

So it was really sad to leave that city, the Swedish people really have a great way of life there. It is really expensive like London but it is so tranquil, not crowded and the weather was so stunning, 25-30 degrees everyday perfect for out beach bbq's and Erasmus picnics.
walking through the city you are never far from a park or square and the water appears at every turn. My favorite day in Stockholm was walking through the national forest surrounding the Erasmus accommodation and finding my own secluded beach for a swim, I also had a great day with Kevin the Canadian (who's room i stayed in while he was in eastern Europe) we strolled around one of the bohemian districts of Stockholm and visited record shops and vintage boutiques.
It was a great time to be in Stockholm, i arrived just when the weather was getting nice and all the students had graduated from their studies so the streets were alive with people and all yellow and blue with the European cup fever in the air.