well i am a bit delayed on my paris blogs, this is for a few reasons; first is the french keyboard letters and punctuation is all different and in unfamiliar places (i did try, it took me like 10 minutes to write a sentence), the next reason is i didn't really have the time, but now i will try and recall all the fun and excitement of glorious Paris!

actually here is proof that i did try, i found this draft saved, i thought i lost it when the PC crashed...yay, i'll leave all the mistakes to prove the insanity of the keyboard!

So i am here in amazing Paris staying in the apartmnt of Adrian and jacques, friends i et in seville. I have only been here 2 and a bit dys but i've dne so much and i feel like i hqve been here a week .

The flight was greqt, but arried i pris to find thre was a trqnsport strike on. It was quite hilarious watching all of us french illiterate tryig to zork out what was going on with the rail employees belting out istructions in french and about 30 of us fresh off the plane standing around wanting to uy a ticket and not knowing how to. It turned out because of the strike the fqre was free and all of us didn't have to line p at all.

The strike also meant thqt the trin services were ultra slow and i got a little lost but i got to my friends place in the end at like midnight and hour and a half later than expected.

the first night we went for drinks and cycling through the strets of paris. Many people were out on the streets at cafes and bard becuse the followin day was a public holiday; In the end we drank cocktails at one of the oldest bars in paris which has been run by the same family and serves over 350 cocktails. we got home around 6am and didn't get up till 3 the following day.

the weather has been beautiful, it has been 25-27 degrees during the day and stays at around 20-24 all night.