Hello from Lisboa!
this place is simply amazing.
I arrived here on Wednesday from London after visiting the fam, Our host Pedro and Jam picked me up fron the airport and fronm there we went straight to the beach. The beach is lovely...slightly windy and a little cold but the sand is silky and the sun is hot.
There are little chilled out bars along the beach playing reggae that remind me of Sihanoukville in Cambodia.
Pedro and his girlfriend are really lovely, As he lives with her most of the time, we basically have his house to ourselves with a massive balcony and as much internet as we can handle.
Yesterday was an amazing day, a German girl louisa was staying with Pedro's friend so the three of us went to a nearby town just out of lisboa called sintra. The train ride was about half an hour from the city. Sintra is an amazing town...it is very historic and about 10 degrees colder than lisboa.
When we got to the town we started walking towards the famous castle...we had no idea which way to go or how long it would take so we were delighted when the tourist police offered to drive us all the way to the top, it would have taken us over an hour to walk! we bought a ticket to what we though was the castle but as we went to enter the castle the security guards pointed out that the ticket we bought was for the gardens surrounding the castle only....we were really disappointed because we had spent 4 euro each on a ticket and being the tight asses that we are, couldn't afford to buy another one. As we were walking away the security guard must have seen how disappointed we were and called to us to come back and then let us in for free! we were so delighted as this castle is spectacular. when we got inside we had no idea how amazing this place was going to be, we were in awe, it is just like a castle from a children's fairytale, tiles cover the walls from top to bottom with clouds drifting quickly over the towers. The inside was fascinating with all the original furniture still inside. The castle itself is seated on the topo of a mountain where you can see all the way to the ocean. The mountain is covered in green forest similar to that of the dandenongs in Melbourne...beautiful!
On our way back we decided to hop on the bus instead of walking for an hour but were shocked when we found out the fare was 4 euro...there was no way we were going to pay that so we started to walk and hitchhiked instead with a lovely Italian couple all the way to the train station.
We were feeling extremely lucky by now we had probably saved over 15 euro and seen one of the most amazing things we had ever seen but our luck didn't end there, The lovely Nuno, A couch surfing member, had got in contact with jamima and asked to meet with us, he met us at the train station and offered to drive us all the way back to Losboa, he stopped on the way and bought us traditional Portuguese pastry treats and also gave us a bit of a guided tour of the coast! What a day!

ill try and find a nice pic to put up