London at glance

I stayed in London for 2 days and am flying off to Sicily early tomorrow. As I arrive back on the friday I was informed that glascow airport had a burning car driven into it, while 2 cars laden with deadly car bombs had been parked outside TIGER TIGER in haymarket in central london. the country is now on extreme terrorist activity alert- looks like I am leaving just at the right time to! never the less I took the underground to central london, and while the place was crawling with security had a fantastic day. I walked around covent gardens while waiting to meet my South African friend Sandra. covert gardens is kewl, lots of street buskers and boutiques etc. seein sandra again was great, I have only seen her once since we both left south africa 6 years ago- fortunaltly I got the hot country. We walked around for ages and ages trying to find somewhere to have a 'cream tea' - after the irish stew and breakfasst role, I did not want to miss out on any of the particular food of each place I visited (valencia paella to come!) anyway finally we found a place called 'Liberty's ' a large and expensive department store, similar to Harrods. We each had two warm scones, jam and cream, and in keeping with our roots- some Rooibos tea! yummy! and we felt very cultured with our china tea cups too! - this experience for 10 pounds each (eeeeeeek) was worth it, but definitly only for this once! We then wandered around near the bond station shops, etc. the TOPSHOP was HUGE, very pricy too. Sandra had to leave to get home at about 6 ish, but if i took an extensive walk in the famous Hyde Park, filled people enjoying the out doors, couples sprawled on lawns, and kids runnig around. was a cute place- much better in summer though! evntually I arrived back in Weybridge (40 minutes outside london in Surrey). Tonight I am spending the night at standsted airport- for a flight leaving at 6 in the morning- ahhh the joys of travelling! miss you all, xo