Hoi An

No I haven't bought anything. I've barely spent any money the whole time we've been here.

The camera isn't being recognized by this computer, but worry not - I have a nice video of a chicken being slaughtered for our dinner, and it will be uploaded come rain or hail (or more likely no rain or hail). Here is your official warning that there will be blood. Not much of course, chickens don't really bleed a lot. And anyway, there was a nice little bowl to catch everything.

I might try to get a coat today, but probably not. I can't decide what kind, and I just really cannot be bothered. We're leaving tomorrow morning, so it's probably too late.

I've really just been coasting through this time, not really paying much attention to what is going on. Our tour guide, Son, has been good - taking us to some places we might not have found otherwise (the restaurant that kills the food freshly being one of them.) I told Son that last time I was here I spent less than a thousand dollars and he couldn't believe it. I described some of our more humble accomodation, and he began to understand. Perspective, I suppose.

Although you may have to wait until we reach Ho Chi Minh City for the violent bloodbath video, have no doubt that it will come. Those of you in the know may remember the internet black spot in Vietnam that reaches from Hue all the way down to Nha Trang, where the blog is pretty much unreachable. I am still able to read comments, but there seem to be scarcely one or two of them. As such I am deeply offended. Poot.

Bec, I see that you are online (probably working) but you do not answer my calls. I am assuming this is because of bad internet problems. Lucky for you. I plan to buy you things once we get to HCMC... please make a list of required trinkets and email to me.

PS. As I have been typing, the computer has finally recognized the camera being inserted, and so I shall endeavor to upload some junk now. OK.