party party like princesses

ok i must start with saying jam and i are having the time of our lives here in spain!

We did our first real partying in madrid, we went to a huge nightclub and danced the night away with Jose and his friend albaro (we call him the tree because it sounds likr tree in italiano) The clubs in spain are really cheesy, though fun none the less. They have the half naked buff dancers on podiums and bad euro pop music. everyone is so relaxed in spain, there aren´t those pretentious girls like you get in melbourne and sometimes when you go out you are even out numered by men which would never happen in melbs....the poor guys don´t get let in at home. Towards the end of teh night i had a spanish guy grab me and start dancing one of their dances with me, it was hilarious, he was so serious and did all the moves! fun!
I have probably mentioned this beforebut in spain you drink at a bar til 3 then make your way to a club and party until 8am. We have been doind alot of this recently (especially in valencia but i will get to that later), one day we stared at like 5, drinking at out friends (the argentinians) bar, getting drunk with them and dancing to the pulp fiction sountrack, they were supposed to be working but left the bar to have a boogy and we were all there just dancing like idiots during the day...hilarious! those argentinians are the coolest bunch of people.
We spent the rest of our Madrid experience hanging out about town and meeting jose´s friends, madris was amazing....and then we arrived in Valencia...

Valencia, Valencia, Valencia! we are living with 2 chefs who cook us gormet meals everyday, we go to the beach, fall asleep and tan ourselves in the afternoon, party at night! we are in heaven. In the mornings Patrick sets the table up with bread, nutella, yoghurt, muffins, chocolate, (naughty boy) tomorrow he is making real belgium crepes for us! we are totally spoiled like princesses! bow they are busy in the kitchen preparing seafood paella which they have been cooking for the last 2 hours....fresh bread every day....patrick also makes a different alcoholic beverage every night to have with the meal....we had fruity sagria then punch last night and an italian drink tonight...this is what life is about! well i will write more about what we are actually doing but the food smells so good and i am getting hasta luego from heaven


p.s. i shaved the side of my head