hello all!

well jam and i are having a great time here!
it isn´t all that warm but are enjoying spending time on the beach and wandering about town.
we have been making friends with random people (funnily none of them spanish) and getting up to all sorts of adventures.
We´ve been fairly thrifty here i have spend 100 euros in one week which is ok. We haven´t had to pay for accomodation (thanks to good old couch surfing and hospitality club) and walked most of the time instead of catching the metro. It is so easy to walk around this city as there are parks, fountains, monuments, and beautiful architecture around ever corner. The other day Jam and i got lost (not literally) in the gothic neighbourhood, one of the oldest in Barcelona. The streets are narrow and every group of aparments face a square in the middle where the people of the neighbourhood all meet, walk their dogs and the children play football.
Yesterday we went to the park Guell that Goudi built. We started in the wrong section and thought out dreams lucious green grass, butterflies and twinkling mosaiced fountains were shatered, we wandered what the hell all the hype was about, just a dust covered mountain with some shrubs and a view....the we walked a few meters and saw the amazing gardens and architecture with spectacular views over Barcelona fountains and all!! We went on a quest for grass though were lead back to the dust hill by a couple of Argentinian doctors. We drank Argentinean tea and listend to them play the guitar.

everything happens 3 hours later here, it took a few days getting used to, things open late in the morning and close for siesta then re open fom 5-8, we eat dinner around 10 and head to bed around 2. There is a healthy night life here in Barcelona. The clubs open at 12 midnight and people party most nights of the week. we went to a click click style club a few days ago which was good. Jamima and i haven´t really been partying here though, we spend all day walking and get tired in the evenings, and of course...party means we spend money!

hmm what else to write...we are going to go look in some secona hand shops today, i´ll try not to buy anything, then we are off to do some more sight seeing. 2 of Jamimas friends are coming from melbourne today so we have a new friend to play with. We should be staying here another 5 days or so then off to Madrid!

bye for now

Claire Barcelona