I spent a day exploring the intriguing city of Dublin. Julie and I took the "Dublin tour Bus". It went round to all the important sites - Trinity College, the Dublin parliament, and "spike" and the store house. The stoer house was by the far the most interesting thing. It is after all the home of the famous Guinness! It is a huge factory, and the tour explains to you exactly how the Guinness phenomenon came to be. It was really interesting to understand how it was made- mainly with barley, yeast and also some wierd plant called hops that you can only get in regions where the temperature gets to 35C, so it had to be imported. What a process of trial and error and LUCK, to produce the most popular alcholic beeverage in Ireland! Also included was a free Pint of Guinness at the top of the factory, with a view of all of dublin (circular) which was magnificent! Julie and me unfortunatly failed to finish our guinness! But was a fantastic experience! we then went for a stroll down grafton street, and then back to Jules house for some dinner and vodka. I was still feeling jet lagged so had a 45 minute power nap. We mixed my duty vodka with cranberry juice for a potent mix, and a great start to the night. Connor drove us into Dublin, where I met some of Julie's lovely friends, and enjoyed the Irish CRAIC!. the night ended with some dancing and a taxi home, in bed by about 4 am, just when the light was starting to come up again!

The next day was inevitably a slow start. We drove to Newgrange on the way to the the famous Monahen- home of Julie. Newgrange is this amazing "cave" which was built by the neolithic people in 3500 BC, this is about 500 years prior to the construction of the pyramids. Also older than stonehenge!! The angles and construction of it is absolutly fascinating considering that there were no protractors back then! At 9:00 on the winter salstas- Dec 21st, the sun shines directly in and illuminates the whole thing - how the heck did these people know how to build this for that to happen??????????? its one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Later we arrived in Monahen to Julie2s lovely family, who treated me like the QUEEN!!! Ireland is stunning. :)