arrival in Dublin

I arrived in Dublin today, to a cold and angry grey sky- summer iin Ireland! The day started early with my jet lag still apparent waking up at 5:30am. I left for stansted airport via a bus transfer from Heathrow, and eventually got to Dublin at 12:30. Jules picked me up and was very emotional to see her again after so long. She was a faboulous host and I am staying the in the lap of luxury! We went to UCD uni and I bought a very cool hoodie from the uni shop, so ust in case people in Ireland couldn't pick up on my foriegn accent, they lle know Im a tourist! WE walked into Dublin City centre, into grafton street. its cute little cobbled street, very crowed and busy, but oh so Irish. Dublin is a funky city so far, so much old history and tradition which seeps from the old buildings. We also went into Trinity college, - absolutly amazing! the buildings are so old and beautiful and you imagine this being the 'oxford' of Ireland. We also went into the 'long room' inside the book of kells display. Its this ancient library, abosultly fascinating and amazing architecture. later jules and I had a coffee at Bewleys, a famous old coffee house built in the 18th century, we sat upstairs sipped our late's and watched the bustling irish go about there business on Grafton Street. ahh so much to take in and my trip is only starting!! thanks bec for the idea, its so good to get it down while its all fresh in your mind!

let the CRAIC begin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!