beautiful LAOS

Hey all!

Well we spent a few more days in Vang Vieng, we went cycling and swimming in the river one day and sat and watched sex and the city and friends (which you can't escape...they play it in all the restaurants, as well as the simpsons) the next because it rained ALL day. though it just so happened that it was the rocket festival! this is an important day in Laos where they all party hard and shoot rockets into the sky to welcome the rainy seemed to work coz the rain didn't stop! And with rain we all know what happens...MUD!!! MUD MUD AND MORE MMUUDDD!!! There was a massive mud fight as part of the festival, i tried my hardest to stay clean but i got dragged in!
We partied at night and the rain stopped, we had a bonfire too which was lovely.
The next morning i had to get up to go to luang Prabang...that was hard!
there wasn\t enough room on the bus so i was up with the driver, the view was amazing though at one point i fell sasleep on the driver, he had to elbow me awake. It was then i decided to sleep in the isle.
Laos is so beautiful, the unfortunate thing is that it has been heavily logged so in some parts it looks like sapa without the amazing rice fields. much of it though is jungle. The mountains are huge and towns are few and far between (there is ofcourse many bamboo villages though)
Luang prabang is a lovely city, very clean, reminds me of hoi an but not as old. Today was an amazing day! the weather is perfect for the first time in weeks! We decided to go to the waterdfall which is the most amazing waterfall i have seen, i have photos, so i won't bother describing it, i won't do a good enough job!

oh and Kaz, guess who i ran into...? Felix from sihanoukville and the all you can eat curry in phnom penh!

Well Laos is so relaxed, so easy and friendly! No pressure and all smiles!

having blast!!

bye for now!!