Lazy Days!

Well This is out first night in Phnom Penh. We were supposed to leave the frog shack like 2 nighs ago but Kaz got ill and wasn't able to leave, though that didn't stop us from nearly missing our bus out of the place. For me it was hard to say goodbye the kids are so much fun and it was just the laziest, most relaxed lifestyle. I made friends with a French guy who didn't speak much English and i know no French, but with a few lessons in french i now know how to recite the French instructions on the back on the uno packet with perfect pronounciation! in return i peeled the burned skin off his was a bonding moment.
The last few days in Sihannoukville were pretty lazy, there were storms both nights, i stayed up to watch the sunrise and we had to swim into the sea to get a better view, the sunrise wasn't that spectacular and we got really cold but it as fun all the same.

It's funny being on holiday, i forget to eat and sleep and it doesn't really effect me like it does when i am working and worrying about the day. Today i had a bread roll (and i even gave half of that away to a poor kid) at like 11am then didn't eat until 8:00pm, didn't feel hungry.....but it wouldn't be me without making up for it with all you can eat Indian for $2 i feel sick

oh and i had my first dummy spit a a moto driver who was supposed to take us to the bus station but instead took us to 3 ticket suppliers to try and sell tickets there to get a commission, i was so pissed off!

well that is me, i can't think of anything else to write but i'll arrange some photos soon

Claire Phnom Peh