Well today we were kidnapped briefly in Siem Riep!

but no need to be alarmed mum and dad!

We were taken off the bus by a guy claiming to be from the bus company, he was even wearing a shirt from the bus company! He said that he would take us to our guesthouse free of charge and that the cost is inclusive of our bus ticket, so we obliged and then it clicked, he started asking us when we wanted to go on tours and where we wanted to go, we said that we didn't know and that we didn't want to make any plans. He then said that in return for the ride to the guest house we had to let him take us on a tour or we would have to pay for the ride. Kaz and i didn't have a bar of it and asked him to let us out of the tuk tuk, he wouldn't let us out and said he would take us into the jungle and leave as there to get robbed and mugged. After refuing to pay him a rediculous amount he started driving into the mddle of nowhere, still arguing he stopped the tuk tuk and tried one last time to make us give him money or use his services, but that time we never wanted to see him again ever. After a little while his friend realised that we weren't going to give him anything, told us he hated us and let us out of the tuk tuk, we had no idea where we were.

Wasn't very hard to flag down a car and get a cheap lift into town.

but that wasn't the end of it!

when we got into town, the guys car broke down, so i offered to push, so kaz and i were pushing this dusty car down the busy town centre, a couple of policemen came and helped too!

this was the craziest entry into any town i have ever had, but you live and learn.

Phnom Penh was alright, we were lakeside, it is quite a cozy part of town, we miss the beach and sihanoukville though, we might go back there for Khmer new years on the 14th and avoid the craziness of the city centre.

well that is it for me, i am sorry no videos yet, i have taken so many but the net is too slow to upload them