Ko Chang!

Well now i am at Ko Chag Island, just near the border of thailand and cambodia. I will start a few days back as i have neglected the blog somewhat.
Well i had to say goodbye to my Kiwi friend, she is sucha lovely girl, can't wait to catch her in the UK.
I met up with sam in the evening after Mandy left and it was really ood to see her. I used to work with her in the basement and get boozed up on a frida night together at the lounge. We met at MBK and he took me around, i was comletely lost, and so what sam and she has been there before this is how large that place is. I bought myself a few things like an extra bettery for my phone...just in case. i also got a bag which i really needed and an ipod charger. I am really regretting not getting some ipod speakers, they would be perfect here.
After MBK sam took me for a woner around some of the nearby shopping places, Siam square was great, i bought a funky necklace!
I had a bit of a run in with the toilet at the local starbucks, do i spray...or wipe? all signs pointed to spray (no toilet paper in sight) but i insisted on wipe and had to retrieve some starbucks napkins to wipe my chilly-battered bottom...ouch!
After the shopping trip sam invited me to have dinner with her and some of her friends from her school, we caught the skytrain down the road to meet them (missed our stop because we were chatting) then had a really lovely meal at a street-restaurant. We had noodle soup, dumplings and congee, was great! Sams friends are also studing thai and are japanese they didn't really speak english but i could understand what was going on.
That night i stayed at sams place and in the morning caught the train back to BBK then a taxi back to the Peachy guest house, the one i went to the first night. That morning i changed to a double room for kaz then had a snooze.
After my snooze i planned our trip to ko chang and did a whole lot of nothing, oh i bought a dress, i know i shouldn't have but benny said that if you see something you like get it because you won't see it again, and i haven't yet!
The trip to the airport was nice, i met a guy from London (Leroy) who was lovely, even offered me a couch to stay on when i get to london!
after we checked in Leroys flight we had a beer and met up with Kaz, said goobye to Leroy and caught the bus to Bangkok!
we wandered around a little but pretty much ent straight to sleep to be up early for our bus to Koh Chang.

wel i have so miuch to write about this place but i might do it tomorrow as i am running out of time...

stay tuned for: claire nearly killing herself and Kaz on a scooter, The most amazing bungalo in the world and salad by the sea!


Claire Koh Chang island, Thailand