pho (minus the accents and pronounced fer)

Well i Have found my favorite (common) vietnamese dish, i am quite excited! It is called pho (pronounced fer)and is a rice noodle soup. you can have it with beef chicken, shrimp pork but usually i just get it with veg. (cheaper that way) They bring it out with a green salad little dishes with soy and fish sauce and lemon to squeeze in. YUM!
The bus trip to hanoi was a litte horrific but i did get the window seat so at least i had somewhere to lean.We were one of the last to get on the bus, well we thought we were when we took the last seats, but there must have been an over booking because one guy ended up sitting on a tiny stool in the isle. I was sat at the back of the bus with bec and paul (with the bad suspention) with a young vienamese boy sat between us. Half way through the trip he must have got out for something to eat and came back with a little yoghrt drink for me, It was really lovely because he didn't speak much english and i have no idea with vietnamese but we managed to communicate well enough and swapped emails.
Hanoi is a rainy city, we are quite relieved as it is a litte cooler. it is a bit like melbourne in the summer. It seems to be more of a fashionable city compared to the other large cities and there are far fewer peddlers and people yelling from their shop to buy things. I can't wait to come back and go shopping! Tonight we are off to sapa, a small city in the mountains. We are catching the train with the irish lads. This time we have sleepers which should be a little more comfy.
at the moment i am typing on a keyboard with the letters all worn off so i will have to cut it short and i am very frustrated!!