Hansel loses Gretel

I realise now that trying navigating Hanoi using a map is just silly. It doesn't work. All you have to do is leave a trail of bread crumbs. There are a lot of one way roads here with a constant stream of traffic so crossing the one wayers is tricky tricky. And the general direction rule doesn't work either. We know the lake is off too our right somewhere, let's head in that general direction and get some ice-cream. But we end up at the train station and find ourselves buying a baugette from a lady with a basket on her head.

It's really weird but we can't access our blog anymore (again). The overpriced, slow running travel office internet got us there no worries. But from here we can't find the server. So rather than walk all that way and pay all that dollar, I'll reply to comments via this post.

MUM: learn to use the keyboard already and say hi or i'll think you don't love me. I have so much cool stuff to buy (gonna wait till last minute in the country) and we can sift through it when i get home. yay! Do you have any advice about getting an oil-painting/canvas back to Australia? How would you like a forgery of the Mona Lisa for the living room?
STEPHEN: Don't crash the new car. Did you get the salary you wanted?
JESS: You're in New Zealand! How cool is that!!?! How long are you there for etc? What does the internet cost? It's really hard to imagine snow sitting here in this heat. Thanks for visiting the blog, man, I was thrilled to hear from you.
DAD: Vietnam has The Best Coffee Ever! They bring it to your table while it's still perculating. So it looks like a stainless steel cup and saucer (with a lid) sitting on a ceramic cup and saucer. The one I had today also came in a bowl, which was filled with boiling water to keep the coffee hot for longer. The stainless steel cup is filled with coffee and water and it drips down. You can have it black, brown or white. White means fresh milk and brown means condensed milk which also means super sweet. I think the fresh milk is just for the westeners. Brown is definately the way to go. The coffee is really really strong, so equally real amounts of sweet helps. I'll bring you home a perculater thingy. Did they have coffee like this in Thailand? If so, ignore my detailed explanation of coffee.

I didn't think i'd buy much stuff but we have discovered a bundle of things in Hanoi we're coming back for. I don't know how i'm going to fit them in my bag but i'm definately ditching a few things. My sheet and pillow case will be the first to go. What else can I get rid of? All the smelly soapy things. Crap! I need more space. Maybe i could post some stuff . . . do I trust the Vietnam Post Office?

Anyway, we're gonna grab some dinner before heading to the train station. Did i tell you about the half-hearted taxi driver who tried to rip us off? I was in the front seat so I had to deal with it. He says four dollars. I say no meter? He says meter broken. I say goodbye then. He say meter ok. The trip ended up costing $1.25.