Trouble in paradise... or, in the third world. Whatev!

So Claire has disappeared. She went off to watch the soccer yesterday and we haven't seen her since. She missed the tour bus so Bec and I went to My Son by ourselves. There are some spectacular Cham ruins there. Much better than the ones we saw in Nha Trang.
I've decided to put off buying anything until we get to Hanoi, and even then I don't think I'll really buy anything. It's okay for the girls, they can get good clothing made for them in a day for a pittance, but the offering they have for men is rather limited. Anything you get from a market is just utter trash, there's no reason to buy anything. You end up seeing the same t-shirt in every single stall and eventually you start to wonder whether someone else might have bought the same shirt. It would get embarrassing bumping into someone with the same Tin Tin shirt, right? I did however buy a pair of sunglasses and a hat, but this is only because I lost my sunglasses and my hat somewhere. Other than that I haven't bought anything really. I did get a little musical donger thing for a buck, which hopefully will make it past customs. Oh, I bought thongs because my shoes were too hot (30,000 dong / $3 or so).
There are some other things that I'm not allowed to talk about. I won't go into details, but I am hereby announcing my intent-to-dissent (maybe). We're coming down with a bit of Cabin Fever. Or, more like, Hotel Fever. In any case, it was bound to happen eventually. I'm sure we'll get over it soon enough.

- Paul