Spotty McSpot Spot

I have spots all over. Claire thinks it's measles, Paul has diagnosed me with meningococcal meningitis but i think it's heat rash. We three are doing google searches on spots right now.

We have made it safely to Nha Trang but have only just found an internet cafe that isn't dodgy. Technically it's a Flight Centre but who cares. The beach here is really great and it's cooler at night. Mum, you can head straight to Nha Trang while Dad goes exploring. Our hotel isn't too enormous and it has a great rooftop terrace. We opted out on the air-con, saving us $3 a night. We figured we'd have to aclimatise eventually. All the brochures of the hotels around here have been heavily photoshopped and we find this very amusing. Neon signs of tall hotel buildings have been cloned away, and replaced with flat out text. At least they tried to match the perspective on that front. The nice looking sedan out the front is 3 times the size of the truck down the road. The exterior wall goes off to the left but the interior one heads right. We laugh all day long.

Claire and I have decided to move here and start a chain of Laundr-o-matics. As there are none available anywhere. We went strolling to find a laundry service today, as the hotel was charging about 50 cents too much - 15.000vnd/kg. One guy had a sign up for 6.000vnd per kg, so we went inside to ask if we could pick up that same day. But he thought we were asking about price. So he wrote on a piece of paper 70.000/kg, which is just stupid. So i wrote down 6.000/kg and he said ok. But we didn't trust him with our undergarments so found somewhere else for 10.000. But then the receptionist at the hotel saw us leaving with our laundry and dropped her price, so after all that walking, we dropped our 2kg off at the desk. Interesting story, huh?

We found ourselves oweing each other money, after one picking up another's dinner bill for whatever reason. So to Paul i say, oh, you owe me 20.000 from lunch. And he says, but you owe me 5.000 from afternoon tea. And i say, ok, give me 15.000. It took us a day or two of this to realise that we were holding debts of $1 or 50c. And we all laughed and thought ourselves doofis.

I have purchased too many post cards as we keep befriending the sellers. So i'm going to send some home with nothing on them. haha. No, i'll think of something to write.

We have all found that we are simplifying our English even when we speak to each other now. We omit whole words and keep eveything to a single-cyllable. We have also developed a habit of guesturing to explain our meaning. "Tomorrow we visit big mountain" (hands indicate size) "How?" "Bus" (point to nearest bus) "Bus good" (thumbs up).

The problem with this is that we're dropping english, but not picking up vietnamese. So we'll come home with no native tongue.

Nha Trang

P.S: we can't get onto our own blog. What the! So sorry if we aren't returning comments. However, if it's blogger's problem, you couldn't comment if you wanted to.