Oh the Pain

That's right, I'm still on about my sunburn! Even in beautiful Hoi An. The bus ride was harrowing. We're meant to stick to the right side of the road, yeah? Well, not according to this bus driver. He seemed to enjoy taking every completely blind or hairpin corner on the left. Not just crossing the line with one wheel for a moment, just absolutely on the WRONG side of the road. We were all going to die. This went on for eleven (hey maybe it was only nine! who would have thought?) hours or more. Eventually i stopped watching the road for oncoming traffic, and stopped lifting my head every time we ground to a shuddering halt all too quickly. I guess you get used to it? Claire made friends with two Irish boys who shared the back seat of the bus with us and ended up using one of them as a pillow. And a foot rest. Poor boy never had a chance. Another guy's chair completely broke about an hour into the trip. We all felt thankful that it wasn't us.

So when I'm almost so exhausted I can finally pass out sitting up, we arrive in Hoi An. 6am it was. They dropped us at thier tour bus affiliated hotel and we fell asleep on the steps and woke up in a room for three. I don't remember checking in at reception but apparently it happened. This place is way too nice for us and no more expensive than our other accomodation so far. (Except we pay and extra $1.50 for breakfast - apparently we signed up for that too) It appears, so far, that the further north you go, the more you get for your money. I won't explore the ins and outs of this theorum, because there are too many associated with our naivety. Which I am having trouble spelling.

So everyone welcome Robyn to blogland as she has finally visited Sai-Gone. Which we still can't access!! We had somehow associated this horror with Nha Trang, don't ask us how, and we skip down to the local internet cafe and still can't get to our own site. We're getting all of the comments through Paul's live feed inbox setup thingy.

Did I mention our hotel has a pool AND air-con AND an elevator AND illuminated artwork in the rooms AND hot water AND a bath AND this really great toilet that doesn't threaten to overflow everytime you flush?!? Its great! I feel spolied. AND a fridge!! We've sticky-taped it shut though. 3 times the price.

Did I also mention the sun rises really bloody early here? Like whatever times come before 5am. And people get started as soon as the sky shows signs that maybe the sun will rise sometime soon?? I can't get over it. Coming home and getting up at seven will be a dark and dank affair. No brilliant daylight to wake me up.

Anyhoo, I'm rambling.

Survived a bus ride,
Hoi An.