...Next Stop, Hoi An!


So the last day in Nha Trang was a lazy one, we seem to have lost momentum after being fried by the sun.
The Bus ride to Hoi An was a long and trecherous one. The though of being killed did cross my mind a few times, especially after the driver, whilst driving around a sharp bend,(those who have driven up to Kinglake will have an idea of the kind of road i am talkng about) drove into the on coming lane in front of another bus and screeched on the brakes narrowly avoiding a collision, which woke us all up! We also witnessed an overturned truck that had landed half sunken in a rice paddi with the driver asleep on top, i was a bit worried as they don't wear seatbelts in Vietnam that he may be a little dead, but i think i'll just keep telling myself 'the little man is just sleeping'
The bus dropped us off at 6 am at a hotel 'recommended' by the bus tour, we weren't sure at first but it costs the same as all the other hotels and is mich nicer, the only issue is that we get bugged to buy a tour everytime we try to walk past reception, but for $7 us dollars a night each with breakfast, i can't really complain.
I am looking forward to exploring the city of Hoi An tomrrow. It used to be the main port in south east asia and was spared in the war, so there are many old buildings and artifacts to look at. There is also the beach not to far away and cheap cheap made to measure clothing that i am going to take advantage of.

Bye for now
- Hoi An