I think I'll live HERE

Hoi An is so photogenic it's making me look like a talented photographer. I think i'll live here and sell postcards of my photos. It's hot-hot-hotter during the day here but cooler at nights.

Everything closes at nine, though. In Nha Trang everything except the bars closed at ten. But we're almost half way up the country now so we can expect some later nights further north.

My sunburn isn't quite so hideous today. Yesterday Paul kept saying, geez bec your back is covered in beads of sweat. So I eventually told him to get a towel already, and he dabbed away but only took off skin! I am bubbled through with blisters yay super happy fun!

Every other shop here is a cloth shop with all these really funky designs on display. Every other-other shop is a shoe shop where they make shoes to fit. Claire already has some red sandles, two different sizes to fit her strange feet. We both got skirts made yesterday and mine is so cool but warm also so i can't wear it until i get home. My plan is to get a jacket to match and a short cotton skirt to wear here, then maybe a summery top aswell. The skirt I had made was $8 US. Which is a-okay with me. It is tourquoise and chocolate brown.

Later today we plan to hire a bicycle (10,000 dong for the day) and ride to the beach. Claire knows the way as she was scootered off there yesterday by an Irish footstool. He is OUR NEW FRIEND.

Tomorrow we get a tour bus to My Son, the greatest Cham ruins something something. I would have loved to do it without the tour, but Claire won't drive us anywhere at 5am. Which means my spectacular photographs will also be crawling with tourists. But nevermind, I am also a skilled photoshopper.

Smelling Like Sunscreen,
Hoi An