Hue to go!

Hue isn't that hot, well its bloody hot, but it's not that great. We're officially shitty with our bus company for dropping us off outside a hotel that pays commisions instead of their ticket office like they said. We're also officially shitty with guys also collecting commisions by following you down the street and recommending a hotel. Literally following. One guy got on his bike and met us again three blocks away. They drop you off at reception, disappear and come back later for a reward. If we got the room that is, which we won't, on principle alone. One guy said six dollars for a triple room, and we're all, hey man that worth checking out even if it is a load of crap. So we get to reception and the woman says 12 dollars so we don't say anything and just turn around and walk out. Hopefully when the guy goes back to collect, she'll crack the shits at him and they'll both have learnt a lesson.

We eventually found an okay place, but its more hotel than guesthouse, which is really crap, i've decided. You never see the same person at reception twice and when we complained about our leaky bathroom, we had to tell the story to six different people and none of them knew what we were talking about. Another drawback is you have to put up with tourists taking 30 minutes to get their huge group down the stairs (right next to our room) and argueing about the best way to do this the whole time. Then someone is trying to get into our room, fiddling with the doorknob (the one that's threatening to fall off anyway) at 10:30 at night. So i rush over a grab the handle and swing the door open real fast like (i thought it was unnattended children) And there's this guy there (and about 5 other adults and 5 or 6 kids, clogging the hallway with their bags) trying to open OUR door with HIS key that was probably for some OTHER hotel or something.

Grr. But for ten dollars a night, we can't be bothered finding another place, we won't stay long here anyway. Did i mention the leak was from the air-conditioning? There's a valve missing or something. So we had a river of water going from one corner of our bathroom to the other. We eventually got given another room. They gave us a choice between the cheaper one with no bathtub or the better one with two double beds. I'll let you guess which one we took.

So just as soon as I'm finished with my bitching, we're heading across river to check out the citadel, and we might book a tour to the DMZ for tomorrow. Demilitarised zone. Don't let the name fool you, there will land mines a-plenty.