Hue are outta here!

Sorry, once we leave Hue the puns will stop. Because puns are very Hanoiing. Get it?? That's where we're going next!! We're only crashing there one night then we're training to Lao Cai and bussing to Sapa. We are told it will be cooler. Yay!

We went pagoda-ing today and it rained heaps which was great! Big fat drops. We got a motorbike to some incense maker people stalls (they called this a village but i didn't see any villagers villaging) and it was great riding in the rain. Air conditioning at it's best. We purchased plastic ponchos to keep us dry, but in the end we just used them to cover our bags. Getting wet is much more fun.

My iPod is misbehaving and crashing everytime I do a transfer. It also periodically forgets that there are any photos on it at all, which is disconcerting. Ten gig and two weeks of photography are very precious to me. I have been unsucessful at finding anyone with a dvd burner, so backing up would require hours of cd burning and reshuffling of files.

I would like to find a supermarket before the bus ride to replace my now black facewasher and maybe stock up on pringles for the trip. The pringles available on the street have all faded in the sun and we suspect they may be stale . . . But supermarket's are rare and I can imagine our whole conversation with whoever we ask. They'll send us to Dong Ba Market for some pretzels or something.

There's no ATM in Sapa, but we'll see how we go with internet. I am screwed on the photo front without a computer.

See you later, hue?
- Bec

PS people: Identify yourselves better. We don't know who's dad belongs to who. OMG! We just saw a portable laminator walking down the street. It has it's own soundtrack! Yesterday we saw a woman sitting on the bridge, in front of a set of scales. And i'm all, hmm, have i lost weight or put it on. And how much am i willing to pay to find out? Is this a long PS? Too bad.