Flight 134

My alarm is set for 4am tomorrow. Right now we are finishing up the blog's design, it's looking kind of alright, but blogger is having some problems. I should really be getting some sleep. This time tomorrow we'll be in Ho Chi Minh, in a guesthouse, boggling at the sheer craziness of being in a completely different country to the one I've spent my whole life in so far. Yes, it will be weird. None of us speak a word of Vietnamese, so hopefully there'll be enough people that speak English a little bit, otherwise we'll be pointing to our phrasebook a lot.

We've now got a new point on our itinerary. Peter has given us a letter to pass on to his uncle in HCMC, which means we'll be meeting some of his relatives, and I guess they're my relatives too... I'm not sure what that is, second or third cousins? Who knows family tree stuff? Anyway, that will be interesting to see if we'll be able to navigate our way to them succesfully.

It's hard to prepare for what I'm going to wear tomorrow. It's going to be effing cold when I wake up at 4am, absolutely freezing - but I have to dress lightly as it's going to be in the low 30's (celsius) when we arrive in HCMC. It's going to take a while for me to adjust to monsoon type weather (hot, humid and very wet).

Bye, see you all in a month.

- Paul