cheap internet is CHEAP internet

We made it to Nha Trang, after an arduous 7 hour train ride. I very nearly threw up just before we arrive (not sure why... I'd been on the train 6 and a half hours), but the toilet was gross so I decided to hold it in.

Nha Trang is a little quieter than Saigon, but right now (8.50pm) it's fairly loud outside. There is some kind of Scooter Festival going on. There's a big Honda showroom on the beach, and about 20 million kids on their scooters riding around. We're currently deciding what to have for dinner before we go to one of the bars to watch the world cup and cheer as Australia loses to Brazil.
The beach here is really nice at night, although we haven't been swimming yet (maybe tomorrow). The hotel we are staying at, 'Phu Quy' is pretty nice, the staff are friendly, and the rooftop terrace is worth three times what we are paying (nice and cool, with a great view).

Just a little advice for those of you wanting to use internet cafes while over here. Do not go to the ones that only charge 3,000 dong an hour. They will be slow slow slow. Right now is our third try, and we've finally just come back to our hotel to use theirs. It's a fair bit more expensive (200 dong a minute), but it seems to actually work. And now we can't upload the photos we wanted to. This is extremely frustrating. I'm getting really shitty.

So instead I'll just describe the photos we were going to upload. The first one was of all three of us in a canoe. It was taken by the tour guide, who was really nice. The second one I wanted to upload was me holding a python, and looking a bit bored.

I'm sure I'll find a good internet cafe that has actual working computers somewhere around here and upload the photos. Anyway, we're going to go eat now. Bye.

- Paul