Bolted Down by the Back Wheel

We did end up hiring bikes yesterday and we made it to the beach in one piece! Everyone except this poor girl I crashed into. I apologised profusely but she just stared at me, horrified by this crazy white person who can't ride a bike.

... So the beach was really great and i took a killer photo of this toddler with no pants on. I Don't think he minded though, because he stood there posing for about five mintues. We purchased some peanut brittle from a girl named sun-sun. It is the best and i need some more. Paul drew her picture and she was very pleased.

Today we went out to My Son where some really cool Cham Ruins are. I took heaps of photos- almost 2 Gig's worth.

Paul might have mentioned Claire's absence today. We aren't supposed to talk about it, but we're putting together a short film, from snippets of interviews with witnesses, which will be released on DVD in early August.

Ha, i think about three girls have spoken to me in the last day or two and after a few minutes of polite getting-to-know-you, they've just come out with "You have very white skin." I appreciated their frankness. I said "I am very sunburnt." And then we said goodbye.

I'll apologise for my random rambly style of post - i had terrible sleeps last night and am moula tired. Tomorrow we go to Hue, where i'm told it will be even hotter. Goddamnit. How is that even possible???

I'll keep you posted,
Hoi An.