ankles not so sw anymore!


Well i must start with saying that i am having an awesome time here in Vietnam. We have spent our first whole day in Nha Trang. It is a beautiful city and the people are lovely. It is great to be visiting a country where we are the minority. As far as tourists go there it is nothing like thailand or bali, there are a handful, though few enough to get pointed at by children and giggled at by teenagers. It makes the holiday more of a unique experience.
Today the swelling of my ankles has reduced substabtially, i think it is a combination of the cooler ocean breeze in Nha Trang and that i purchased some flowy pants that allow my legs to breathe in the heat. My next hurdle is to overcome the tummy bug that we have all caught, we seem to be handling it well.
Today we started off our day at the beach, we hired out beach chairs seated under umberellas made out of grass. The water was warm and deep. we then set out on foot across town to a pagoda with a giant buddah seated on top a mauntain as the main attraction. (we can see it from out hotel terrace) it took us around 1 1/2 to 2 hours to walk there through the city. It was a beautiful place (photo's coming soon) with lovely gardens and stonework.
Rebecca, Paul and i have pondered the thought of buying a small terrace house here to frequent as a holiday home, It would be perfect...for now it is just a dream, maybe in a few more years time!

i hope you enjoy the photos we have posted

- Nha Trang