The sky didn't clear, but we flew anyway

Our flight from Kathmandu to Lukla was pretty harrowing as visibility was quite poor. Take off was smooth, and we were right on the tail of another plane, probably also heading to Lukla. I guessed a third plane would be right on our tail. Once we were in the air it felt a lot like our tour van that we'd been riding around in all day yesterday. Everyone was packed in shoulder to shoulder, cracking jokes about accidents. Most of the flight was very hazy, and there were plenty of big fluffy clouds in our way. As the pilots were lining up for our approach to the airport, they leaned over the dashboard, squinting and pointing and saying 'Is that it?' and shaking their heads etc. This is fine. They had a small debate as the haze did not show any signs of clearing and then quickly swung us around and into a big loop. I had been eyeballing the dashboard display showing our route and topography etc, and it flashed a traffic warning. The plane that had tailed us was now in our way. The pilot closed the alert without even checking the distance of the little icon that was heading straight for us, then craned his neck looking for the other plane. I saw it fly by in the distance. Our loop had taken us full circle, and we were once again aligning ourselves for a landing. This time it was darker and hazier than before. 

Oh I am out of time! Find out in our next post if we survive.